Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition

After two years of consultation, the Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition was publicly launched on 24 June 2013.

The launch of the network was a milestone in building joint action of public interest civil society organizations and social movements to act in concert for the realization of one of the most violated human rights worldwide - the human right to adequate food and nutrition.

The Network is an initiative of public interest civil society organizations and international social movements, including peasants, fisherfolk, pastoralists, indigenous peoples, and food and agricultural workers.

The Network opens a space for dialogue and mobilization of its members to hold States accountable for their obligation to realize the right to food and nutrition. It supports the struggles of social movements and groups that, as a result of standing up to violations of these rights, may suffer from repression, violence, and criminalization. Additionally the Network will work towards ending the impunity of state-condoned human rights violations and of non-state actors human rights abuses.

Read the Network Call to Action here.

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Video | 18-11-2014
Monitoring and AccountabilityGNRtFN

Launch of the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2014

© The International Launch event in Rome along with the side interviews were made by the FAO and edited by Geoff Arbourne with the support of:

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Statement | 15-10-2014
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The Right to Adequate Food in 2024 - A Concrete Utopia

At a side event to the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) 41st session on Monday, 13 October, 2014, civil society organizations offered their perspective and views on the achievements and future challenges to the right to food, with the intention to complement the debate in the official CFS Plenary.    Read more

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New Report Calls for More Democratic Food Systems

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Report | 07-10-2014
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10 Years of the Right to Food Guidelines - Progress, Obstacles and the Way Ahead

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The Right to Food - A Peoples' Struggle

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News | 02-10-2014

Coming up: Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2014

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Events | 14-07-2014
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Civil society assesses progress on the Right to Food

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Report | 07-10-2013

Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2013 - Alternatives and Resistance to Policies that Generate Hunger

The Right to Food and Nutrition Watch monitors national, regional and global food security and nutrition policies from a human rights perspective, to detect and document violations as well as situations that increase the likelihood of violations and the non-implementation of human rights obligations that lead to policy failures.    Read more

Journal | 07-10-2013

Right to Food Journal Vol. 8 2013 is launched!

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Report | 20-09-2013
Global GovernanceIncome and Social SecurityNutritionGender

Seminar report on Social Protection in Geneva, Switzerland

Summary report of Seminar on Social Protection as a Catalyst for Food Security and the Right to Adequate Food in March 2013    Read more