Income and Social Security

India - FIAN UP meet with brick workers
The right to food is linked to the right to land and other productive resources for those depending on the right to feed themselves. Moreover the right to food is linked to the right to work and the right to earn income sufficient for a decent living including adequate food.

Basic income policy is one tool that can raise the standard of living

For those who cannot earn sufficient income for reasons beyond their control, such as the unemployed, single mothers, elderly people, chronically ill people or children, the right to food implies the right to receive a social transfer income sufficient to provide an adequate standard of living including sufficient food at all times.

States therefore must provide minimum income programs indexed at the cost of living. Such programs provide the foundation for programs and policies implementing social rights including the human right to social security. They must not be misused, however, as a substitute for policies that guarantee people’s participation in economic life.

Basic income policy is one tool that, if effectively implemented, can raise the standard of living of these affected groups by providing the means for procuring food and promoting the fundamental human right to be free from hunger.

FIAN's Work

FIAN International works together with civil society organizations and social movements for the implementation of public policies that guarantee decent income for work, and adequate income from transfer programs sufficient to access adequate food. If states fail in their related obligations, FIAN demands legal remedies for the victims. FIAN promotes the discussion of universal basic income programs


Latest News

News | 02-03-2015
PhilippinesAgrarian ReformIncome and Social SecurityNutrition

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Nepal to address causes of poverty and malnutrition with a human rights-based strategy

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International Mission in Guatemala presents preliminary findings

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UgandaIncome and Social SecurityIndigenous PeoplesLand Grabbing

Uganda in the spotlight this week at the UN concerning human rights violations

FIAN International and the Uganda Coalition on ESCR present their concerns before the pre-session of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and request the Government of Uganda to take steps towards the full realization of these rights in the country    Read more

Report | 14-10-2014
Income and Social Security

Harvesting Hunger - Plantation Workers and the Right to Food

Although specific data on the nutritional situation of plantation workers is sparse, it can be estimated that roughly 200 million agricultural workers are chronically undernourished.    Read more

Statement | 14-10-2014
Global GovernanceIncome and Social SecurityNutritionMonitoring and Accountability

CSOs urge policies coherent with the realization of the right to adequate food and nutrition

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Report | 15-09-2014
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Women agricultural workers and the right to adequate food and nutrition

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Women agricultural workers crave fair working conditions

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Report | 04-07-2014
IndiaExtraterritorial ObligationsIncome and Social SecurityMonitoring and Accountability

Women in India to realize their right to food

FIAN has submitted a report to the CEDAW Committee on the right to adequate food of women in India    Read more