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Women of the Sawhoyamaxa community ©Tierra Viva

The indigenous community of Yakye Axa and Sawhoyamaxa have traditionally inhabited el Chaco Paraguayo. Both communities have faced serious problems with regard to the possession their ancestral lands. In particular, in the 1930s there was an increase in the number of non-indigenous settlers in the region, which was caused by the communities' land being transferred to private third parties. These new proprietors divided up the land without recognizing the rights of the indigenous communities. The proprietors exploited the indigenous people as workers and created difficult living conditions by limiting their access to land and disregarding the importance of resources for the subsistence of their culture.

In both cases the communities obtained rulings against the Paraguayan State in their favor. The deadline for the restitution of the land to these communities has expired and the government has not complied with the orders. People continue to die of diseases related to a lack of access to the basic resources. 

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Journal | 17-11-2014
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Right to Food Journal 2014 is launched

The 2014 edition of the Right to Food Journal highlights the advantages of working with the broadened concept of the human right to adequate food and nutrition.    Read more

Open Letter | 16-06-2014
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Historic victory for Sawhoyamaxa indigenous community in Paraguay

Expropriation bill enables community to return to its ancestral lands after over twenty years of struggle and resistance    Read more

Statement | 29-04-2014
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Expropriation bill brings closer return of the Sawhoyamaxa ancestral lands

FIAN welcomes the Paraguayan Senate’s approval of a bill that would restitute the ancestral territory to the Sawhoyamaxa indigenous community    Read more

Open Letter | 08-04-2013
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FIAN Condemns Human Rights Violations of Indigenous Sawhoyamaxa

The indigenous community of Sawhoyamaxa has lived for over 20 years in a very precarious situation, forced to live outside of their traditional lands, which are owned by two companies, controlled by a German citizen and investor.    Read more

Open Letter | 19-12-2012
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FIAN asks Paraguayan Supreme Court to Intervene on Behalf of Indigenous Sawhoyamaxa

In 2006 the Inter American Human Rights Court (IAHRC) issued a decision condemning the Paraguayan State for the violation of a number of human rights of the indigenous Community of the Sawhoyamaxa.    Read more

Report | 29-04-2012
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The Right to Food of Indigenous Peoples in Latin America

FIAN Germany Article: The fight for the Right to Food in Latin America    Read more

News | 15-04-2007
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Right to Food Quarterly Vol.2 No.2, 2007

   Read more