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News | 12-09-2014
Cambodia Extraterritorial Obligations Global Governance Natural Resources

Communities in Cambodia lack access to their natural resources

A latest publication by FIAN Germany for Hands Off the Land Alliance questions the impact of the sugar industry and the EU trade initiative in Cambodia    Read more

News | 04-09-2014

Vacancy at FIAN International on Right to Adequate Food Accountability Program

FIAN International seeks a Coordinator for the Program on Right to Adequate Food Accountability     Read more

News | 31-07-2014
Trade Extraterritorial Obligations

World Bank Turns Its Back on Rights Protections for the Poor

Statement by civil society requires major revisions to World Bank’s Draft Safeguards    Read more

News | 16-07-2014
Global Governance Monitoring and Accountability Nutrition

Conflicts of interest might jeopardize proposed 'Decade on Nutrition'

Public Interest CSOs, Indigenous Peoples and Social Movements reiterate their demand for full civil society participation in ICN 2 process, as well as express their growing concern over corporate sector participation.    Read more

News | 14-07-2014
Monitoring and Accountability GNRtFN

Civil society assesses progress on the Right to Food

A CSO consultation meeting was held in Rome in preparation for the 10th anniversary of the Right to Food Guidelines    Read more

News | 11-07-2014
Zambia Monitoring and Accountability

Right to food in Zambia awaits for national recognition

FIAN International urges the Zambian government to recognize the fundamental right to food in the draft constitution, other national legislation and policies towards the overarching goal of achieving food security for all.    Read more

News | 10-07-2014
Monitoring and Accountability Trade Nutrition Extraterritorial Obligations

Synergies created at food systems conference

FIAN International, together with other members of the Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition, held a three-day workshop in Geneva to discuss how social struggles can be unified in the path towards holistic, human...    Read more

News | 04-07-2014
India Extraterritorial Obligations Income and Social Security Monitoring and Accountability

Women in India to realize their right to food

FIAN has submitted a report to the CEDAW Committee on the right to adequate food of women in India    Read more

News | 03-07-2014
Monitoring and Accountability Nutrition

Civil society demands greater participation in policy processes

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) express their serious concerns with a multi-stakeholder model in the International Conference on Nutrition 2 process, which brings private sector parties and CSO actors on the same footing    Read more

Press Release | 30-06-2014
Extraterritorial Obligations Monitoring and Accountability

Leap forward to end human rights abuses by transnational corporations

UN Human Rights Council decides to start elaborating an international legally binding instrument to end human rights abuses and impunity by transnational corporations and other business enterprises    Read more