News | 17-12-2014
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Nepal to address causes of poverty and malnutrition with a human rights-based strategy

FIAN International welcomes the Concluding Observations by the UN Committee on ESCR to Nepal, which reflect many of the suggestions brought forward in the Parallel Report of FIAN Nepal

Photo: FIAN Nepal.

During its 53rd session in November 2014, the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) reviewed the State's report of Nepal to monitor the implementation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights by this country.

FIAN Nepal and FIAN International delegates attended the session in Geneva where a Parallel Report was presented and dialogue was strengthened. The Committee took in consideration many of the suggestions included in the parallel report and provided recommendations to Nepal in the following Concluding Observations.

Among others, the Committee recommends the government to:

  • complete the drafting process of the new Constitution and to undertake progressively regular and systematic assessment of the level of enjoyment of economic, social and cultural rights by all citizens in this country;
  • adopt a comprehensive human rights-based strategy with a gender dimension that addresses structural causes of poverty, hunger and malnutrition (through measures in the fields of health and education, land reform and distribution), as well as to strengthen the capacity of public institutions and monitoring mechanisms to deliver food aid programmes in a non-discriminatory manner;
  • guarantee the right of indigenous people to own, use and develop their ancestral lands, territories and resources and to seek their free, prior and informed consent before launching any development project;
  • implement a non-discrimination legislation that allows women to exercise their rights to inherit, to own land and assets in their name, and also to increase the representation of women, including Dalit and indigenous women, in decision-making positions in public and political affairs;
  • take measures to extend social security to workers in the informal economy, by implementing Nepal's legislation on minimum wages in all sectors and just and favourable working conditions.

These Concluding Observations serve to guide the continued support by FIAN to the affected communities in Nepal, by closely monitoring the compliance of these recommendations together with all the organizations involved in the reporting process.

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