Press Release | 04-12-2014
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International Mission in Guatemala presents preliminary findings

The Third International Mission on the Right to Food and the situation of Human Rights Defenders was held from 21 November 3 to December 2014 in Guatemala, presenting a number of preliminary findings.

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Guatemala, 3 December 2014 - The third International Mission on the Right to Food and the Situation of Human Rights Defenders took place from 21 November to 3 December 2014. Its members visited six emblematic cases of violations of the right to adequate food and nutrition (RtAFN) and also held meetings with state authorities, international organisms, and civil society organizations. The Mission presents the following preliminary findings:

In regards to the previous mission, we celebrate the rulings issued in April and May of 2013 that recognized the violation of the right to food of five children in the municipality of Camotán, Chiquimula. These decisions represent a progress for the justiciability of the right to food in Guatemala, as well as a landmark in Central America. Nevertheless, the Mission expresses concern regarding the delay in the implementation of these rulings and the writs of amparo filed by various State institutions. We remind the State of Guatemala of its constitutional and international human rights obligations acquired in good faith, specifically that of providing full redress for victims of violations.

It is also alarming that Guatemala continues to be at the top of the list in Latin America for prevalence of chronic malnutrition , despite adopting programs such as the Zero Hunger Plan (Plan Hambre Cero). The Mission regrets the predominantly welfare-based approach of said programs, which are not accompanied by adequate resources or effective measures to address the structural causes of poverty and hunger. Likewise, the Mission has noted the inefficiency and lack of coordination among state institutions and structures at the national and local level, and also the lack of coherence of public policies with human rights, as illustrated by the failure to implement the Camotán sentences.

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