News | 11-11-2014
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Event in Berlin discusses current land legislation in Ecuador

In an information event organized by FIAN Germany, the Ecuadorian lawyer Milton Yulán discusses the urgency of an agrarian reform and the criminalization of social movements in Ecuador

Photo © Maria Macías, FIAN Ecuador

In a two-hour event on November 11, 2014 in Berlin, the lawyer and agricultural specialist Milton Yulán will draw attention to the land policy of the current government in Ecuador, represent the current debate among indigenous and smallholder sectors for new legislative proposal, and discuss about different mechanisms of criminalization in this country.

The innovative Constitution of Ecuador of 2008 and the adoption of laws on food sovereignty (2009) and the "Plan de Tierras" (2009) have raised hopes of a more equitable distribution of land by the indigenous and small farmer groups in this country. However, actual progress in terms of land distribution and agrarian reform are sobering.

The current government has a new legislative proposal ("Ley Orgánica de Tierras Rurales Productivas") without previous social participation or consultation, which is currently controversially debated in Ecuador. In addition, the proposal does not seem to include major historical demands of social movements or the implementation of a number of human rights.

Mr. Yulán will also pursue the questions about the objectives these laws include and whether or not they are consistent with the principles of 'El Buen Vivir' ('the good way of living') and the requirements for food sovereignty already enshrined in Ecuador's Constitution.

Furthermore, the discussion will be examined in the context of the neoextractive policies of the government of Rafael Correa and the signing of the Free Trade Agreement by Ecuador with the European Union.

Milton Yulán is an Ecuadorian lawyer for the farmers' organization Union Tierra y Vida and a member of FIAN Ecuador.

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Read "Monitoring Report on Land Policies and the Right to Food in Ecuador 2013" (available in Spanish)