News | 12-09-2014
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Communities in Cambodia lack access to their natural resources

A latest publication by FIAN Germany for Hands Off the Land Alliance questions the impact of the sugar industry and the EU trade initiative in Cambodia

Photo: FIAN International

The publication "Case Dossier: Cambodia. Sugar cane plantations, human rights violations and EU’s 'Everything But Arms' initiative" prepared by FIAN Germany and the Transnational Institute includes an analysis of the so-called Economic Land Concessions (ELCs) in Cambodia.

With relevant parts based on a report by "Equitable Cambodia and Inclusive Development International: Bittersweet Harvest: A Human Rights Impact Assessment of the European Union’s Everything But Arms Initiative in Cambodia, 2013", the dossier addresses the role of the sugar industry, which is strongly incentivized by the European Union’s trade initiative “Everything But Arms” (EBA). The discussion touches the domestic land conflicts arisen from this industry, as local communities are forcibly deprived of their access to land, water and other natural resources, resulting in the violation of their human right to food, to housing and to water.

The dossier ends with a human rights-based approach to right to food violations in Cambodia. It suggests a right to food approach on land governance to end infringements to the right to food in this country, and addresses the need for policies supporting the obligation to fulfil the right to food in all states, including Cambodia.

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