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Statement | 23-01-2014
Bajo Aguan Honduras

Joint civil society statement: World Bank forced to admit failings on controversial human rights scandal

The World Bank has been forced to backtrack on a controversial investment in Corporación Dinant, a palm oil company implicated in serious human rights abuses in Honduras.     Read more

Statement | 16-01-2014
Bajo Aguan Honduras Extraterritorial Obligations

CSOs condemn response of the IFC regarding investment in Honduras

International civil society organizations consider the World Bank's lending arm response to findings of the Bank's Compliance Adviser Ombudsman totally inadequate    Read more

Report | 14-01-2014

Third Report on the status of the Right to Food in Colombia

FIAN Colombia, along with other social, academic, and human rights organizations, has published in Spanish the book "Colombia is hungry: indolent State and resistant communities"    Read more

Report | 13-01-2014
Ecuador Agrarian Reform Land Grabbing Peasants' Rights

Monitoring Report on Land Policies and the Right to Food in Ecuador 2013

With the support of other on-the-ground organizations, FIAN Ecuador has made available online its latest report on land policies and right to food in Ecuador     Read more

Open Letter | 09-01-2014
Mali Land Grabbing

FIAN expresses concern on food security for communities in Mali

Open letter to the president of Mali regarding cases of land grabbing    Read more

Statement | 23-12-2013
Trade Extraterritorial Obligations

FIAN launches international action: TTIP and TPP void

States and EU urged to withdraw from negotiations on Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and Trans-Pacific Partnership    Read more

Report | 10-12-2013
Monitoring and Accountability Global Governance

The Human Right to Adequate Food in the Global Strategic Framework for Food Security and Nutrition

A Global Consensus    Read more

Report | 03-12-2013
Switzerland Monitoring and Accountability Agrofuels

Action Guide on getting active in the City of Geneva for the realization of the right to food in countries of the Global South

This guide gives simple and practical means to fight for the right to food by sending form letters to State authorities, banks, insurances or pension funds. It also gives some tips to change your own lifestyle to move towards a...    Read more

Statement | 22-11-2013
Extraterritorial Obligations

Participants of Peoples’ Forum request binding instrument to regulate TNCs including ETOs

A joint statement was drafted by participants of the first annual People's Fortum on Human Rights and Businesses calling for an international legally binding instrument on human rights, transnational corporations and other...    Read more

Report | 21-11-2013
Belgium Extraterritorial Obligations

Parallel Report Belgium

On November 7, 2013, Belgium NGOs, including FIAN, reported the role of the State party on the implementation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), requesting it should be applied as part...    Read more