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Report | 27-02-2015
Mali Land Grabbing Monitoring and Accountability

The right to food: An assessment of landgrabbing in Mali

Case dossier    Read more

Report | 23-02-2015
Agrarian Reform Extraterritorial Obligations Land Grabbing Natural Resources

Haki Zetu: Land and Human Rights

As land conflicts, "land grabbing" and women's limited access to land are major problems in Africa, which relate to quite a number of economic, social and cultural rights, the Human Rights Capacity-Building Programme...    Read more

Statement | 16-02-2015
Peasants' Rights

Peasants and rural workers claim their rights as guardians of Mother Earth

Representatives of peasants, indigenous peoples, pastoralists, fishers and rural workers from around the globe submit a joint declaration on a UN declaration on the rights of peasants and other people working in rural areas    Read more

Brochure | 13-02-2015
Extraterritorial Obligations

Revised version: Twelve reasons to strengthen extraterritorial human rights

A second edition of this brochure further addresses some of the reasons needed for the understanding of States' obligations and a renewed commitment to human rights    Read more

Statement | 02-02-2015
Peasants' Rights

Existent rights and states’ obligations shall advance within UN Declaration on Peasants Rights

FIAN International welcomes the new advanced draft on the Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and other People Working in Rural Areas, and further advocates for a democratic debate in the Human Rights Council that respects,...    Read more

Statement | 30-01-2015
Monitoring and Accountability Nutrition Global Governance

Concerns arise regarding the implementation of ICN2 outcomes

FIAN International joins with concern International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) member organizations in two statements with respect to the next steps for the implementation of the ICN2 outcomes    Read more

Brochure | 20-01-2015
Uganda Trade Peasants' Rights

Consequences of the EU Trade and Agricultural Policy for Uganda's Farmers - A threat to the Right to Food?

This brochure is the result of a two-week fact-finding mission to Uganda, undertaken in April 2008 by the organisations FIAN Germany and FIAN International together with the UK Food Group, the Send Foundation in Ghana, the...    Read more

Brochure | 09-01-2015
Extraterritorial Obligations Trade

ETOs in the Context of International Financial Institutions

The ETO Consortium releases a new publication series authored by members of the Consortium’s thematic focal groups.    Read more

Brochure | 09-01-2015
Extraterritorial Obligations Climate Change

ETOs in the Context of Eco-destruction and Climate Change

The ETO Consortium releases a new publication series authored by members of the Consortium’s thematic focal groups.    Read more

Open Letter | 22-12-2014

Open Letter to the government of Nepal

FIAN International wrote an Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Nepal in relation to the situation of devastating floods and subsequent erosion threatening every year the livelihoods of more than 3000 families in Holiya,...    Read more