Report | 04-07-2014
India Extraterritorial Obligations Income and Social Security Monitoring and Accountability

Women in India to realize their right to food

FIAN has submitted a report to the CEDAW Committee on the right to adequate food of women in India

Photo: FIAN International

For the 58th session of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in early July 2014, FIAN has submitted a report addressing the need to guarantee the right to adequate food of women in India.

The report submitted for the fourth and fifth revision of India by the Committee outlines the main obstacles Indian women face when attempting to realize their right to adequate food. Based on the principle that India's national legal framework obliges India to ensure its citizens are free from hunger, FIAN recommends the State of India to adopt all necessary measures to fulfill women's right to adequate food as laid out in the Constitution of India, by:

  • improving women's participation and ensuring their active and meaningful role in political and public life;
  • ensuring equal rights in education and employment opportunities for women;
  • ensuring adequate access to health and nutrition for women and girls;
  • ensuring the full realization of rural women's right to adequate food and related human rights; and
  • complying with its extraterritorial obligations regarding the women of the Lakshmanpur case in Nepal, in light of the Maastricht principles on Extraterritorial Obligations of States in the area of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.
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