Report | 20-09-2013
Global Governance Income and Social Security Nutrition

Seminar report on Social Protection in Geneva, Switzerland

Summary report of Seminar on Social Protection as a Catalyst for Food Security and the Right to Adequate Food in March 2013

Committee on World Food Security, which discussed Social Protection for Food Security in October 2012 (Rome).

On March 18, 2013, a seminar was organized in Geneva by IUF (International Union of Food Workers), Oxfam and FIAN International to develop an understanding on specific issues related to integrating food security and nutrition issues in the national social protection floors within the human rights framework.

By bringing together participants from different UN agencies, governments, research institutions, NGOs and other civil society organizations dealing with social protection and food security issues, the seminar allowed for a productive discussion on how Social Protection Floors can be a catalyst to achieving food security and right to adequate food, if they are designed and adapted to address food security issues and complemented by policies addressing causes of food insecurity.

This note summarizes the fruitful discussions from the seminar. The note is divided into 3 sections namely (i) Setting the scene: Social Protection back on the international agenda; (ii) Social Protection Floors as a catalyst for food security and the Right to adequate food; and (iii) Making it a reality; Follow up and next steps.

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