Report | 08-03-2014
Ecuador Gender Monitoring and Accountability

Report on the Right to Food for Women from a Gender Perspective

FIAN Ecuador, with the support of other NGOs, has published a follow-up report to the policies the Ecuadorian State implements for the effective realization of the right to food for all.

This report was inspired from the work developed by peasant and indigenous organizations to highlight the permanent and very important role of women in the construction and defense of food sovereignty, especially because it is women who produce, prepare and provide access to food for social and household consumption as a means of sustaining life.

Parting from the work women's organizations have done to include topics such as the fight against violence to women, and the questioning of power relations between men and women, this publication aims at addressing the need to visualize the actions and involvement of women in the various struggles from their localities.

Among the topics included are the defense of food sovereignty and the right to adequate food, as well as the adoption of the Right to Food Guidelines from a gender perspective, which involves access to productive resources such as land, seeds, water, credit, etc. with no discrimination.

Please find report below (in Spanish).