Report | 21-10-2014
Mali Land Grabbing

Land grabbing and human rights in Mali

A new report informs about the human rights violations of communities affected by land grabbing in Mali

From 25 November to 05 December 2013, FIAN International undertook a research mission in Mali in the region of Ségou. This was done at the demand of the communities affected by land grabbing, and the Malian convergence against land grabbing (CMAT - Convergence Malienne contre l'Accaparement des Terres).

After the mission, a detailed report of the findings of FIAN's visit and a human rights analysis was produced, which includes data of the three cases of land grabbing visited in three villages namely: Sanamadougou-Saou, Sansanding and San.

This report is one of the first reports using the Tenure Guidelines to analyze cases and monitor governance of tenure from a human rights perspective, and provides an extensive analysis of violations on the basis of human rights, national legislation and policies. Moreover, the report highlights the struggle of villagers and their supporting organizations against land grabbing, while providing recommendations to the State of Mali.

FIAN International has been following the three cases of land grabbing visited in Mali for a long time. The mission also had the opportunity to meet with the authorities at different levels and the authors of the report contacted the companies concerned in the cases of  Sanamadougou-Saou and Sansanding for their opinion. Moreover, the mission was facilitated by CMAT, who was an important source of information during the drafting of the report.

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