Open Letter | 10-12-2014
Nepal Income and Social Security Monitoring and Accountability Extraterritorial Obligations

Inalienable right to adequate food and nutrition of 3,000 families in Nepal needs protection

On Human Rights Day 2014, FIAN International launches urgent action letter campaign

Photo: River Rapti in Nepal leaves thousands of families in devastation. © FIAN Nepal.

Heidelberg, Germany - Geneva, Switzerland, 10 December 2014: Human Rights Day is celebrated today around the world to commemorate the innate human rights of all people as expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted on 10 December 1948. FIAN International joins the 2014's UN slogan, 'Human Rights 365', to reinforce that each one of us, every single day and everywhere, is entitled to the full range of human rights, including the right to adequate food and nutrition.

Taking the occasion of Human Rights Day 2014, FIAN International launches a campaign to recognize the equal and inalienable rights of more than 3000 families in Nepal's Banke district, who are threatened by inundation and aggravated floods caused by artificial barrages made to the river Rapti. This Urgent Action letter campaign calls on supporters to demand the corresponding authorities to protect the right to adequate food and nutrition of thousands of families , who are facing displacement and loss of their agricultural lands and livestock, and are suffering from hunger, malnutrition, and water-borne diseases, including health and sanitation problems.

Flavio Valente, Secretary General of FIAN International, affirms the promotion of Human Rights requires an active approach, and invites civil society, social movements and people worldwide today to join forces and build a more equitable society based on the recognition of the indivisibility and diversity of human life:

"We are entitled to demand governments to meet their international human rights law obligations and respect, protect and fulfill the right to adequate food and nutrition and related human rights through policies that do not harm peoples' rights; respect peoples' sovereignty; protect people's rights against harmful initiatives; and promote the right to adequate food and nutrition".

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