Statement | 14-10-2014
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CSOs urge policies coherent with the realization of the right to adequate food and nutrition

A statement by the CSO Delegation to the Open-Ended Working Group of the International Conference On Nutrition 2 (ICN2) expresses disappointment of negotiations on nutrition

In response to the meeting of governments from October 10-12 in the FAO Headquarters in Rome to finalize the Rome Political Declaration and the Framework for Action for the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2), CSOs make a statement about their disappointment regarding the negotiations on nutrition.

After 22 years, civil society organizations (CSOs) were expecting significant progress to address the urgent problem of the more than 200 million children who suffer from acute and chronic malnutrition, the 800 million suffering from undernourishment and the 500 million adults with obesity.

However, CSOs consider the outcomes of this negotiation to be totally inadequate to confront the root causes of malnutrition and call into question the lack of commitment of the States to make a real step forward in the fight against malnutrition in all its forms.

"The voices of CSOs went mostly unheard... [Governments] ignored major developments of the past 22 years such as the increase of unaccountable power of transnational corporations and their undue influence in policy processes", divulges the document by CSOs.

Therefore, a statement by CSOs was submitted to express concern that the ICN2 outcomes leave a large normative vacuum in the quest to protect and enhance people's right to food and nutrition, and fears the possible establishment of some sort of a "UN Nutrition" entity without any transparent disclosure and democratic discussion exactly as Member States debate the ICN2 proceedings.

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