Statement | 10-11-2014
Guarani Brazil Indigenous Peoples

Brazilian State to comply with its human rights obligations

In a letter to the Brazilian authorities, the International Council of FIAN International manifests indignation of new acts of brutal violence against the Guarani-Kaiowá peoples.

Photo © Tania Pacheco from Geledés.

The International Council of FIAN International, which met in Vaalbeek, (Belgium) from November 5-9, 2014, was informed of the brutal murder of the 28-year old Guaraní-Kaiowá Leader and human rights defender Marinalva Manoel on November 1st.

In response to this act, a collective letter was submitted to the Brazilian authorities to manifest the indignation of the participants of the FIAN International Council in face of this new act of brutal violence against the Guarani-Kaiowá people.

Guarani-Kaiowá leaders have been victims of death threats and violence systematically since they retook their struggle for their traditional territories. The death of Marinalva is a reflection of: the total impunity with which the murders and acts of violence against indigenous peoples are treated in Brazil; the open call to violence against indigenous peoples in the part of sectors of Brazilian society and media; and of the absurd sluggishness of the executive branch of the government in promoting the demarcation of indigenous territories.

Read the letter in English and Portuguese below
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