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News | 15-04-2007
Sawhoyamaxa Paraguay Justiciability Agrarian Reform

Right to Food Quarterly Vol.2 No.2, 2007

From the Contents: Effectively realizing ESCR / The Sawhoyamaxa DecisionNew Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Right to FoodWorld Food Summit + 10 / A difficult dialogueNyéléni 2007 / When people join forces to claim food...    Read more

Press Release | 01-02-2007
India Water

Residents of Jai Bheem Nagar slum successfully claim their right to water

Heidelberg, 01/02/07    Read more

Press Release | 23-01-2007
India Water

Governments of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu must comply with Right to Food Obligations

Heidelberg, 23/01/07    Read more

Press Release | 04-11-2006
Global Governance

Rich Countries block Land Reform Initiative

Rome, 04/11/06    Read more

Press Release | 21-04-2006

Government of Malawi Must Comply with Right to Food Obligations

Lilongwe, 21/04/06 International fact-finding mission presents preliminary observations    Read more

Press Release | 20-03-2006

Latin American Water Tribunal censures the Ecuadorian State

Heidelberg, 20/03/06    Read more

Press Release | 10-03-2006
Agrarian Reform Global Governance

FAO promises agrarian reform for the landless

Porto Alegre, 10/03/06    Read more

Press Release | 10-12-2005

To Have a Full Belly is a Human Right

Heidelberg, 10/12/05 December,10th is Human Rights Day: "The Darfur Hunger Crisis is Only One Side of the Story – hunger has deeper structural causes"    Read more

Press Release | 25-04-2004
Justiciability Global Governance

Giving Teeth to Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Heidelberg, 26/04/04 Mandate of the UN Working Group on an Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights renewed    Read more