News | 30-01-2015
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Concerns arise regarding the implementation of ICN2 outcomes

FIAN International joins with concern International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) member organizations in two statements with respect to the next steps for the implementation of the ICN2 outcomes

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In response to the document prepared by the World Health Organization (WHO) on the follow-up to the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) celebrated in November 2014, over 273 civil society organizations following the ICN process proclaim their apprehensions.

One of the statements raises concerns on how the WHO proposes to pursue the outcomes of the ICN2, especially "regarding the inconsistency between the section on joint UN mechanisms and that on multistakeholder engagement".

The statement cautions the inaccuracy in portraying the Committee on the World Food Security (CFS) as a multistakeholder forum, instead of an intergovernmental Committee hosted by FAO as the CFS reform document stipulates. Moreover, the supporting organizations worry to see the CFS grouped together with the Scaling up Nutrition and the Non Communicable Disease (NCD) Coordinating Mechanism, because "none of these entities are intergovernmental bodies and nor appropriate as a global governance mechanism for nutrition."

Similarly, a second statement submitted by the same organizations addresses the misconception of the conflicts of interest (CoI) theory reflected in the WHO document. By re-emphasizing that "CoI is about a conflict 'within' an individual or institution and not 'between' actors", the statement expresses concern over the great risk to adopt the draft framework for a trial period as some Member States urge.

In response and in order to finalize this Framework, the signing organizations invite Member States to establish an Open-ended Working Group, informed by an expert meeting on conflicts of interest and with public participation.

Read the two collective statements below:

Statement by IBFAN/FIAN on the Outcomes of ICN2 ...

Statement by IBFAN/FIAN on Non-state Actors ...

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